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Wisdom Teeth

Many people require the removal of problematic wisdom teeth. Let our doctors evaluate you and help you decide the best timing and treatment options.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can create both functional and esthetic problems. Dental implants may be the ideal choice to replace your failed or missing teeth.

Dental Extractions

Sometimes teeth simply can’t be saved. We will evaluate your situation and tailor treatment to your specific surgical and anesthetic needs.

Bone Grafting

The replacement of missing teeth often requires having sufficient bone to support your implants or dental prosthesis. We use the latest, proven methods to help you accomplish your restorative goals.


Sometimes routine orthodontic treatment isn’t enough to correct more significant dental/skeletal misalignment. Our doctors work closely with your orthodontist to create a comprehensive plan to give you the functional and esthetic outcome you deserve.

Pediatric Procedures

Our younger patients deserve extra special care. We will help you decide on the best treatment and anesthetic options to make your child’s experience as easy as possible.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A missing, worn, or traumatized dentition may require more extensive surgical and restorative needs. Our experienced surgeons work closely with your dentist to create a comprehensive treatment plan to help restore your function and esthetics, and improve your quality of life.


If you or your dental care provider have noticed something out of the ordinary, let our experienced surgeons evaluate it. A biopsy may be required to establish a definitive diagnosis. We can then help you understand your diagnosis and explain if any additional treatment is required.

Maxillofacial/Dental Trauma

Injuries to the face and teeth require highly specialized care. All of our surgeons are highly trained in the comprehensive treatment of facial injuries. Whether it is a displaced tooth or a fractured jaw, we are prepared to help you through these physically and emotionally challenging times.

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    Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and community. We follow all of the guidelines of the CDC and ADA to prevent the spread of illness.